Music is the universal language.Anywhere you go in the world it is the one language that every culture understands. While the music may change from continent to continent, music is a powerful aesthetic which brings an identity to each culture.

Music Outside Four Walls strives to retain the pure aesthetics of music performance. That is, music is played for the love of the music, for the joy of sharing, and for the potential for a transformative experience (both for performer and listeners). There are no gimmicks, there are no hidden agendas. Simply put, Ruth is a lover of the outdoors and cello playing (her means of transmuting music). So where ever she goes, so does her cello.

Projects are selected based on personal travel preferences, availability of resources, and are largely bound to a specific time frame that coincides with Ruth's time off from teaching in the summer. New projects are focusing on helping cultures discover means of preserving their music--for some this means challenging the youngest members of their culture to write music centered in their own culture's tradition, for others it means helping them develop methods of notation which allows largely oral traditions a form of archiving a piece of their culture.